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Take Time to Plan Your Next Marketing Video

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How to Make a Great Marketing Video

Video marketing—if done properly—can be extremely lucrative for your business. Unfortunately, the biggest misconception most people still have is that it costs a lot to make a great marketing video. So they forego video marketing altogether, or they use it sparingly by shooting mediocre videos to throw up on their social media sites.

MikeTake Time to Plan Your Next Marketing Video
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Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: Which Is Better For You?


Facebook Marketing: The Price Is Right

Facebook has come a long way since 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg first launched the social media site as theFacebook from his Harvard dorm room.  Who knew that within a decade it would become the biggest, most influential social media site in the world with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users?

MikeFacebook Pages vs Facebook Groups: Which Is Better For You?
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Move Over YouTube: 5 Other Video Sharing Websites


Video Sharing Sites You May Not Recognize

We all know online video is the future of content marketing, and when it comes to video sharing websites, YouTube is still the boss with more than 30 million visitors per day. But there are plenty of alternatives to YouTube—many of which you might find more suitable if for no other reason than to make sure your video isn’t lost among the masses.

MikeMove Over YouTube: 5 Other Video Sharing Websites
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Isn’t It Time You Tried Live Streaming?


How To Do Live Streaming?

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram or you have access to the Internet, you’re almost certain to have been exposed to live streaming by now. And it’s not just individuals being turned onto this live video platform; more and more businesses are using live streaming for marketing their products and services and to connect with larger audiences.

MikeIsn’t It Time You Tried Live Streaming?
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(Legally) Add Music to Your Videos


Do Marketing Videos Need Music?

Music has a truly amazing effect on people. It can make us feel happy or sad. It can stir up feelings from another time. It can be medicine for the soul. There are even studies that have shown music can have positive effects on pain management. That may not matter much when you’re thinking about putting together a marketing video, but how your audience responds to the music in your video does matter.

Mike(Legally) Add Music to Your Videos
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Video Marketing Tips for Beginners


The Best Video Marketing Tips To Get You Started

If you’re new to the video marketing scene—perhaps because you’ve just recently started a business or maybe because you haven’t been courageous enough to take on video marketing until now—you’re probably desperate to find a road map that will help you navigate the way to your very first video post. You need guidance on how to set the intent of your videos, how to create them, and how to measure their effectiveness or success.

MikeVideo Marketing Tips for Beginners
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10 Good Reasons to Invest in a Video Production Company


Remember camcorders? Man, those things were awesome! You’d throw that 50-pound camera on your shoulder and all of a sudden you were a videographer!

Of course, camcorders weren’t exactly the camera of choice for shooting anything but home video, even when the models got lighter and digital recording replaced first the VHS tapes and then the data disc. And considering the Internet was still unheard of when camcorders hit the market in 1985, there’s a slim chance you’ll find marketing videos shot with a camcorder on Instagram.

Mike10 Good Reasons to Invest in a Video Production Company
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Video Content Marketing: Keep New Videos Coming


Why Creating New Videos Is Important

How are your conversation rates these days? Do you have a decent flow of traffic to your website, but not many sales to show for it?

Getting website hits is great, but if the people viewing your site are navigating away from it just as quickly as they’re coming to it, there’s obviously nothing there convincing them to hang around to find out more.

MikeVideo Content Marketing: Keep New Videos Coming
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Content Ideas for Your Marketing Videos


Why You Need Marketing Videos

But now, even if you haven’t yet created a video for your business, we hope you at least acknowledge you need to incorporate video into your marketing plan. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is, videos will sell it better than any other form of marketing for a variety of reasons, but most importantly because video is extremely engaging, and therefore memorable. Studies show internet users remember 80 percent of the video ads they watch compare to print ads. (Do you remember the last ad you saw in a magazine or newspaper?)

MikeContent Ideas for Your Marketing Videos
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Five Things To Look For in a Video Production Company


You Need Video Marketing

Choosing a video production company for your next (or maybe your first) video marketing project can be tough. There are hundreds to choose from, and they all claim to be “The Best.” And they probably are: one may be “The Best” at producing dog food commercials; another may be “The Best” at producing video tutorials on a specific smartphone. But how do you choose “The Best” for you?

MikeFive Things To Look For in a Video Production Company
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